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Weightlifting Program

If we have one passion in fitness it is weightlifting. There are many benefits to weightlifting:

  •  It improves metabolism,

  • Helpful in maintaining body weight,

  • Helps improve cardiovascular risk factors,

  • Builds muscle,

  • Helps with bone density and joint stability.

  • As you age these benefits are invaluable.


This program will help clients build muscular strength and endurance.  This is an 8 week program.  You will receive 3, 20-40 minute, workouts each week.  Each workout will have cues to help you lift with proper form.  

This 8 week program is $35.  You can pay via Venmo or CashApp.

We are available for specific questions you might have.  You can complete the form below or email us at, with questions you have. 

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