Fitness Philosophy

Welcome to Personalized Let’s Get Fit. My sister and I have always had a dream of working in the fitness industry together. We have always enjoyed being active and trying to stay healthy. Our passion is helping others see that fitness and health looks different for everyone. Having friends and family members' lives consumed with fad diets, maximizing calorie burn, and obsessively weighing themselves is not a healthy and happy lifestyle. We decided that we wanted to help others reach their goals, become healthier, and feel more confident with how they look. We have come up with a solution - Personalized, Let's Get Fit. We want to reach more people looking for a personalized solution to fitness.

Barriers to Traditional Training vs the Personalize Solution

  • Expense

    • Gyms can take up to 50% of a trainer's fees. With Personalized you don't have gym fees which means we can charge less!                                 

  • Flexibility       

    • Personalized workouts are tailored to use the equipment you have (gym or home).                                                            

  • Time                                            

    • Personalized creates a workout that fits your schedule.

  • Scheduling         

    • With Personalized you get your weeks worth of workouts every Sunday. You can take them on vacation, do them when the kids are in bed, or skip a day due to schedule changes.            

  • Pay every time you see a trainer 

    • With Personalized you receive workouts that you have access to at all times. You want to repeat a workout? Go for it! They are there for you to use any time.

  • Small groups                             

    • At Personalized we offer a small group rate so you and your friends can reach your goals together and keep motivated!


Bronze Package:

  • 4 workouts/month

  • 1 Personalized workout/week (emailed out on Sunday)

  • 1-15 min check in with personal trainer/month*

  • $80/month

Silver Package:

  • 8 workouts/month

  • 2 Personalized workouts/week (emailed out on Sunday)

  • 2-15 minute check ins with personal trainer/ month*

  • $144/month


Gold Package:

  • 12 workouts/month

  • 4 Personalized workouts/week (emailed out every Sunday)

  • 2-15 minute check ins with personal trainer/month*

  • $180/month

* All personal trainer check ins are recommended but not required to receive your workout.
Additional check ins can be requested for $15 for 15 mins.

Small Group Pricing

Want to workout with a friend and save money?  Join our small group and get a discount on each workout. If you have 2 or more friends who want to reach their goals with you: 1. Create a group name. 2. Send us an email with group name and all participant emails. 3. Each participant will receive an email with waivers, assessment info, etc. 4. Once we receive payment, each participant will receive workouts to their inboxes.

Group Bronze Package:

  • 4 workouts/month

  • 1 check-in with your trainer (all participants are recommended to join).

  • Additional check-in can be purchased for 1 on 1 chat with trainer.

  • $40/participant

Group Silver Package:

  • 8 workouts/month

  • 2 check-ins with your trainer (all participants are recommended to join).

  • Additional check-in can be purchased for 1 on 1 chat with trainer.

  • $72/participant

Group Gold Package:

  • 12 workouts/month

  • 2 check-ins with your trainer (all participants are recommended to join).

  • Additional check-in can be purchased for 1 on 1 chat with trainer.

  • $90/participant

How our program works

Step 1: Send us an email,, or submit the form below (desktop only option), letting us know what plan you want.

Step 2: Within 24 hours you will receive an email with a questionnaire about health history, goals, and fitness equipment you have available*, waiver, and appointment calendar. 

Step 3: Reply to the email with your completed paperwork and set up a meeting time and Venmo us payment for the workouts, @PersonalizedLetsGetFit.

Step 4: Meet with a trainer to discuss in depth goals, hurdles and other questions you might have.

Step 5: Start receiving your workouts and getting one step closer to your goals!

Bonus: As a bonus we offer Free Zoom office hours every Monday from 9:30-10:30 am Pacific Standard time. If you have any questions log on using this meeting link,, to chat with us!

*Any information given to us will be kept private!

Meet the Trainers


Hello, my name is Lara Porter. My family moved to Las Vegas recently. I am married and have 4 awesome kids and a dog named Kiwi. My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 2. Having 4 young kids has definitely made life really fun and has definitely helped keep me active. Some of my favorite things are playing sports especially volleyball, dancing, singing, and I love being outside hiking or just enjoying nature. I have always loved exercising, it is something that has brought happiness into my life. I love staying active and being able to keep up with my crazy kids. I am certified in personal training through NASM. I love being a personal trainer!  I love helping others reach their goals, helping others realize exercise can be fun, and seeing the impact that exercise has made in their lives. I am so excited to work with you all.



I am Lara’s older and shorter sister.  My family and I live in a smallish town in Northern California and we absolutely love it!  I have had  multiple jobs in the fitness industry but am loving training the most (although running my own private volleyball clinics is a close second). I love leading an active lifestyle, rollerblading kids to school, walks on the greenbelt with my hubbie, and playing sports with my kids.  One of my ultimate goals is to do 10 unassisted pull ups in a row, only 8 left to go!  If you asked my kids what my favorite things are they would say nachos, salad, exercising, and making them clean all day! I am passionate about working with each of you in creating a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle and goals!


In person training available in the Clark County and Yolo County area!

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